Marvel Wolverine: Explanation of all the secrets of the trailer

Most people have seen the brief teaser-like trailer for Marvel Wolverine, the upcoming game developed by Insomniac Games. If you haven’t already, here it is again:

The most observant have noted the Quebec license plate, HLK 181. However, it is easy to lose sight of the small details of what is around, so I will take this opportunity to analyze it all.

First, let’s take a look at said license plate right away:

This is actually a Quebec license plate HLK 181, linked to The Incredible Hulk comic number 181, the first where the Hulk meets Logan, aka Wolverine.

This Canadian-born mutant meets the green giant for the first time, you guessed it, in Quebec.

Does this mean that Wolverine will face the Hulk in this new game? Or maybe the Wendigo (Paul Cartier), who knows?

The reason I am talking about Paul Cartier, aka the Wendigo, is that he is the one who will have to face the winner of the duel between Wolverine and Hulk in the comics. Interestingly, you can also see stickers of this supervillain on the beer dispenser.

The name of the bar, The Princess Bar, is the name of a bar located in Madripoor, a fictional island in the Marvel Universe located in Southeast Asia. Fans who have seen the Falcon & The Winter Soldier series will recognize this city a little more as it is the place where the new Super Soldier Serum was synthesized.

When Logan turns his head, we clearly see a poster of Madripoor.

Radio Lowtown 104.8 FM refers to Universe 1048 or Earth-1048 since, as you know, Marvel works with a multiverse. By the way, Universe 1048, or Earth-1048, is where you play the Spider-Man games.

The cash register shows $ 19.74 but is, in fact, a reference to the year 1974, the year Wolverine first appeared in the Marvel Universe.

On the aggressor’s arm, you can find a tiger tattoo. It would appear to be a reference to Jessán Hoan, known on Earth-616, as Tyger Tiger, the fighter, who had gone to Madripoor to fight Roche, the criminal conglomerate that murdered members of his family and kidnapped her during an assault. to Hoan International Bank.

Incredible Hulk (1962) # 181 marvel wolverine

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