Marvell LiquidSecurity 2 Hardware Security Module (HSM) Adapter

This week, Marvell released a new LiquidSecurity 2 (LS2) Hardware Security Module (HSM) adapter that uses the industry’s most advanced solution to provide encryption, authentication, key management and more. LS2 is a converged security platform for payments, privacy, and general purpose applications powered by the cloudoptimized Marvell OCTEON Data Processing Unit (DPU).

“Marvel’s LiquidSecurity product line leverages the performance of the cloudoptimized OCTEON DPU family. Combining advanced technology with Marvell’s software and systems engineering expertise, the company delivers HSM functionality on a PCIe card, helping users reduce the cost, rack space, and overhead of traditional HSMs while boosting performance for maximum flexibility and use cases. “.

“This allows cloud and SaaS providers to deploy HSMs to provide new services or improve existing ones at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than any other alternative. Instead of buying and managing private, local HSMs, more retailers, banks and other organizations can move to the highest level of security by acquiring payasyougo HSM services.”

Hardware security module

  • Outstanding performance: up to 100,000 ECC operations per second
  • Scalability and flexibility: up to 1 million keys and 45 partitions
  • Lowest total cost of ownership: Lowest key storage cost per partition (performance per dollar and performance per watt).
  • Comprehensive SDK: APIfirst design for greater flexibility and rapid deployment
  • Multiple models, form factors, and capabilities: Supports a wide range of use cases across multiple market verticals and multicloud deployments.
  • Extended Compliance Roadmap: FIPS 14031, CC, eIDAS, PCI PTS HSM 4.0
  • Reliability: high availability, load balancing and fault tolerance.

“Today, LiquidSecurity enables the world’s largest clouds to create HSM as a service with unparalleled performance and the protection of billions of transactions per month,” said Raghib Hussain, President of Products and Technology at Marvell. “The new LS2 will improve the performance and cost of hyperscalers and expand the overall available market by making it easier for enterprises and governments to secure their applications across public, private and hybrid clouds. The global information realm will become a safer place when all encryption keys are stored in hardware.”

Source: Marvell: TPU

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