Marvel’s Avengers unveils new trailer for ‘War for Wakanda’ expansion

The title of Square Enix has not been the expected success for a franchise like the Avengers. However, the developers are continuing their roadmap as planned, always expanding the content a little more. It is thus during the Summer Showcase of the publisher that we were able to discover a new trailer on the next big expansion of Marvel’s Avengers. “War for Wakanda”, as it is titled, will be deployed in August 2021 free for all owners of the game and will reserve several new features. The first (and obvious) is the addition of the character Black panther among the playable characters. But it won’t come alone and players will also be able to enjoy a new storytelling focused on Wakanda. You will also have to face new crawling enemies and an all-new supervillain, Ulysses Klaue, who will try to steal vibranium from the Wakandans. This is how Black Panther will call on the Avengers to come to his aid. Several new information is yet to come on the expansion according to the developers and we will be sure to share it with you as it becomes available.

The Cosmic Cube is approaching

Crystal Dynamics also took the opportunity to introduce its June event in more detail through another trailer. This one, which will be set up from June 22, will make you face Monica again as well as her new weapon, “The Cosmic Cube”. The fight will take place in a new enemy sector “Against All Odds” which will take you to an arena in the shape of a giant cube. This mission will only be accessible to heroes with a power level greater than 35. Finally, please find following the trailer all the types of rewards that you will win according to the missions carried out and your power level.

Introductory Mission Series rewards:

  • 1 set of equipment
    • Under lv. 100: Epic Gear
    • Lvl. 100 and more: Legendary equipment
  • 1 genetic key
  • 3 units of Polychoron
  • 1 piece of equipment the quality of which matches your power level

Weekly Mission Streak Rewards:

  • Equipment corresponding to the power level
    • Under lv. 80: 2 pieces of equipment whose quality matches your power level
    • Lvl. 80+: 2 pieces of legendary crashing gear
    • Lvl. 120 and above: A chance to obtain Exotic Tachyon Gear
  • 15 units of Polychoron
  • 1 genetic key
  • 1 piece of equipment corresponding to your power level

Repeated completions (series of missions already completed):

  • 1 piece of equipment the quality of which matches your power level

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