Marvel’s Midnight Suns: finally release date on PS5, XSX and PC

We’ve been hearing about Marvel’s Midnight Suns for so long: after a lot of reports, tactical game Firaxis Games has finally found a release date that we hope will be the final one this time around. It was during the Disney and Marvel Games Showcase, which was streamed live yesterday as part of D23 Expo, the big celebration of the company’s upcoming mouse releases, that the studio unveiled a new trailer to set up a new meeting with the most eager fans… occasion, those who have fallen in love with the console of the next generations.

take two

December 2022 for Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Marvel’s Midnight Suns was originally planned to be a cross-gen game, but it will initially only be released on current consoles, namely PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on December 2nd. An announcement that is far from surprising to those who have been following news about the title in recent months. In early August, publisher Take-Two’s quarterly report mentioned Marvel’s Midnight Suns coming to PS5 and XSX during the fiscal year, while other PS4, XONE and Nintendo Switch consoles were simply reported to be delayed indefinitely.

We don’t yet know what the reasons for this release delay are: can we still hope to see the title in a previous generation, or should we expect these versions to be canceled entirely, as was the case with Gotham Knights from the house of DC Comics?

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a cross between an XCOM-style tactical game and a deck builder. It features a variety of superheroes from the Marvel Universe. The Midnight Suns gang, which includes Ghost Rider and Blade, will have to face corrupt versions of other notorious vigilantes like the Avengers. Marvel’s Midnight Suns Prequel Shorts, a series of animated shorts based on the game’s story, will air on October 31st. Published weekly, these five episodes will take you back to the roots of Lilith, the Mother of Demons and the main antagonist of the adventure.


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