Marvel’s Midnight Suns gameplay revealed: Scarlet Witch

Introduced as Doctor Strange’s top student, Scarlet Witch is revealed in a video presentation of her gameplay and her attacks.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns continues its merry way, looking forward to getting its hands on the heroes from the Sons of Midnight team. Although the game has been delayed, we should find out more next September. At the same time, it is through a series of videos introducing each of the characters on the superhero team that we continue to raise the buzz around Firaxis Games.

Now discover the Scarlet Witch, aka Wanda Maximoff, who unleashes her full power and whose power design resembles Jean Gray’s Phoenix form more than the Scarlet Witch’s magic. However, his ult shows a surge of power that blasts enemies with a torrent of blood. Most of his abilities are area spells. The presentation of his gameplay, which is more support-oriented, also shows the importance of planning his attacks, unlike other more rebellious counterparts.

Also find a video from last week that introduces the character more broadly. For attraction, the Wolverine was recently introduced.


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