Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered Spider Upstairs

That’s one of the benefits of having games that are getting more and more technical: in a few years, we’ve gone from side-view and pixelated superheroes to real-life Spider-Man simulations in breathtaking Manhattan, meticulously rendered in 3D. , 4K and more or less 8 legs. And in its own right, Marvel’s Spider-Man, first released on PlayStation in 2020 and then remastered on PC this summer, is one of the most fun experiences ever created in the Peter Parker universe.

Peter Parker, who we find broke, abandoned by his girlfriend Mary Jane and struggling to balance his personal life and that of a superhero. The good news, though: Today, he finally has the opportunity to lock up Wilson Fisk, New York City’s hardline crime boss.

But when he finally comes out in handcuffs, Wilson Fisk gives him an ominous prediction: without him, the criminals will have no one to “tie” them, and Spider-Man will have much more work to do.

And he was not mistaken: with the advent of the new Inner Demons gang, our hero will discover a large-scale conspiracy involving several of his best enemies … And which may well turn his life upside down. And like Peter Parker.

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An MCU-worthy blockbuster…

And in the best sense of the word! For Spider-Man fans, the game is a huge gift bag full of pleasant surprises… The script is well thought out and even offers some interesting twists, as well as a cute gallery of comic book characters… Blockbuster-worthy dubbing, for all the characters, and in particular for Peter Parker, played by Donald Renu in VF, who maintains a legal quota of disappointed valves even in the midst of a battle with hordes of opponents…

In short, the plot of this Marvel Spider-Man is at the height of its fantastic hero, perhaps even better than in some of his adaptations.

…but much more than an interactive movie

And that’s what kept me in suspense from start to finish. The incarnation of Spider-Man seems quite natural there, we spend time in ecstasy in front of the sets, the visual and sound atmosphere and the ease with which we perform all sorts of superhuman feats …

We feel strongly the influence of the Batman: Arkham games, with the same sense of freedom and omnipotence that we experienced playing Gotham’s avenger. The most experienced players will not find much difficulty in this, on the contrary, beginners will be able to quickly have fun, but in any case, the experience will be exciting. And we don’t ask for more.

🎮 MARVEL SPIDER-MAN – Available on PlayStation and PC.

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