Mary Jane and the Black Cat will return to comics in December 2022 for the Dark Web event |

Due to a lack of proper terms in their press releases, the new ongoing installment announced earlier this month for Mary Jane and the Black Cat will actually be a five-issue miniseries. On the other hand, other details confirm what we might have thought: Jed McKay will be writing the script, and the events of the series will take place during the Dark Web event scheduled for later this year at Marvel.

McKay is back with his favorite heroines

So Jed McKay, who narrates two Black Cat sequels published in recent years and also wrote the one-shot Black Cat and Mary Jane: Beyond, will find his favorite heroines for the duration of this mini-series that features girls locked in the dimension of Limbo during the Dark Web. The thing is, something has changed on the part of MJ (readers of the Hellfire Gala may remember this), and Black Cat is feeling remorse over something that could have a negative impact on their contingency plan in this dimension. At this point, the rundown might seem a bit vague since the event hasn’t even started yet, but we know that McKay is pretty good at getting to grips with these characters and breaking away from the written imperatives associated with the events.

In drawing, the writer will be accompanied by Vincenzo Carrata, the artist who will make his debut with this mini-series in the house of Marvel. As is often the case, J. Scott Campbell signs the cover of the issues, the first of which is below. Mary Jane & Black Cat #1 will be released on December 21, 2022.


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