Massive Monster to give away custom Cult of the Lamb controllers

As part of their marketing efforts to launch Massive Monster, the development team behind the amazing Cult of the Lamb teamed up with We Are Robots to create some unique game controllers.

While these devices aren’t actually on sale, we’ve been told they will be made available through sweepstakes and contests in the future, meaning you might actually have a chance to win a DualSense controller as fluffy and weird as the lamb itself.

By this we mean that these devices are not just regular DualSenses with a slight color change, but rather decorated with wool on the handles, around the cross and buttons. The buttons themselves have also been replaced with Cult symbols, and the Red Crown’s trademark all-seeing eye is even stuck right in the center of the touchpad. Needless to say, for fans of the game, everything seems to fit, but you can see for yourself below.

Massive Monster has yet to reveal when these controllers will be given away, but until that information is revealed, be sure to read our Cult of the Lamb review here.

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