Massive Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 leak reveals key feature to beat Apple Watch 6

Samsung will launch its Galaxy Watch 3 this week and we’ve already seen plenty insider info about the new wearable. But with just four days to go, there’s time for one more big leak and it’s an absolute doozie: marketing slides promoting the new key features, courtesy of tech’s most reliable leaker, Evan Blass.

Most of the slides are either nothing new, or things that we were already aware of. Still, it’s nice to confirm that the Galaxy Watch 3 will work on iOS, boast voice functionality, offer an LTE version and include a multi-day battery life.

But a couple of them are worth looking at a little closer, starting with this one:

The latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 leak

(Image credit: Evan Blass)

“Monitor heart rate, oxygen levels, and more for fitness and wellness,” the slide reads. The picture accompanying this shows four different watch states: one measuring VO2 Max, another warning of a heart rate spike, one predicting the date of a woman’s upcoming period and a final one, weirdly, showing an incoming call. Maybe that last one slipped in by mistake, given it’s wholly unrelated to the rest of the topic in hand.

Another slide promises “better sleep and stress monitoring”, with icons for meditation, stress, breathing exercises and sleep, which all sound pretty familiar, as does the ability to automatically track workouts. This one, however, may be a big deal:

The latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 leak

(Image credit: Evan Blass)

“Post-run coaching and analysis” the slide promises, with a picture of the watch telling its owner to “speed up” suggesting there’s some feedback during workouts, too. This feels like pushing into Garmin’s turf in the best way possible, but it will all depend on how well it’s implemented. Still, speaking as a runner who values ​​feedback from the wrist for pacing and performance monitoring, this could be extremely exciting.

The upcoming Apple Watch 6 is also expected to offer blood oxygen tracking in addition to proper sleep tracking via watchOS 7. But this built-in coaching software could give the Watch 3 an edge over Apple’s wearable, particularly for fitness minded folks.

Finally, Blass leaked the specs table for all four models: 41mm and 45mm watches in both Bluetooth and LTE versions. There’s no difference in specs or dimensions across the Bluetooth / LTE divide, but more between sizes.

The latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 leak

(Image credit: Evan Blass)

As you can see, the 45mm version comes with a black or silver case with a black band, while the 41mm version will come in silver with a black band, or bronze with a pink strap. Obviously the 45mm version is larger, with a 1.4-inch face, compared to the 41mm version’s 1.2-incher, but that also translates to a weightier watch (53g vs 48g) with a larger battery (340mAh to 247mAh).

These leaks look about as official as they come, and while you could normally put that down to a clever forgery, Blass ’track record at leaking tech early is second to none. We’d say this is as good as official, but we’ll know for sure on Wednesday, when Samsung unveils the Galaxy Watch 3 alongside the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Fold 2, Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Buds Live.


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