Matrix Resurrections: Sequel knows she is what she is (no spoiler) –

22 years after the first Matrix, Keanu Reeves returns in Neo for a Matrix Resurrections awaited with firm feet by the fans… and perhaps the others.

The Matrix is ​​the revival of action cinema and special effects in 1999. It also has 2 sequels, Matrix Reloaded (2003), Matrix Revolutions (2003), a series of short Animatrix films, video games and a lot of clones. Be it Equilibrium (2002) for its aesthetics and fighting, Ballistic (2002) for its tone, Æon Flux (2005), Ultraviolet (2006) for its now-outdated high-tech futuristic side, The Matrix has inspired long after inspiration. . The Wachowskis had regurgitated a large chunk of Asian action cinema, fantasy literature like Alice in Wonderland, and even video games that were on the rise at the time. results? The Matrix was a punch in the face of moviegoers.

Two sequels that audiences try to defend or not and The Matrix is ​​still a cinematic phenomenon. When Lana Wachoswki brings us a fourth film with Carrie-Ann Moss as Trinity and Keanu Reeves as Neo, we are entitled to ask ourselves the question: real sequel or fake reboot?

A new generation Morpheus

After the sequel, the prequel, the spinoff, the remake, the reboot, we had the legacyquel, a kind of sequel years after a movie that respects the original while infusing something new. Then a kind of legacy was created and opened up to a less slow reboot (we had these kinds of movies with Jumanji, Star Wars 7, Ghostbusters: The Legacy)

Matrix Resurrections is something else. It is a real sequel but one that leans more towards a reinterpretation of its universe. It’s simple, like Jurassic World, the movie questions the legitimacy of continuing and the reasons for holding on. And we can say it without skimping, it is rather failing at this level.

Don’t tell us the message is not clear. Yes, Matrix 4 does not hide where it came from. Like a scene at the beginning of the movie, you need a sequel to a trilogy, but how do you propose it? Conscious of his own existence with this famous meta that he loves so much but never gets to use well, Matrix Resurrections is not very subtle. An annoying second degree emanates from all this first part that tries in vain to construct a subject. The puppet character, Thomas Anderson / Neo merges with himself, reminiscent of a past that he struggles to assimilate.

Matrix resurrectionsProd DB © Warner Bros. – Village Roadshow Pictures – NPV Entertainment – Silver Pictures

The myriad references to the first Matrix (with scenes frankly from the movie side by side or included in the scene!) Rarely work. Through a strong desire to create a kind of nostalgia coupled with a feeling of incompleteness, Matrix 4 ultimately denies its own existence. The Matrix was a world within another world, however creating meta in this universe is not the most subtle. Worse still, Matrix Resurrections borders on parody or easy homage.

So from there we tried to relate to what also made the Matrix identity, a strong and tenacious image. They’re not here. the realization is heartless, the action scenes are quite correct but far from the standard we would like. The Matrix already feels a little her age. Yes, it was revolutionary at the time and it attracts attention, but it is almost out of date if we dare to copy. And 22 years later, we cannot forgive the lack of ambition. In fact, there is a scene that is quite interesting with this climax, certainly not very dense, but marked by this idea of ​​almost bloody programmed free fall. It is lean. And the scene marred by dozens of stolen photos that have traveled through media sites does not deserve this avalanche of “practical” media. The film’s ultra-cut montage kills many sequences, including this one, which was purported to be inspired by Icarianism.

Keanu Reeves seems a bit awkward playing the lost guy. Either he plays bad or he always plays bad but the scene in the bathroom is quite ridiculous. Carrie-Ann Moss, who has never shone, is absolutely right. Neil Patrick Harris is having fun in the role of this shrink and all the secondary casting is effective. Still, Christina Ricci had nothing to do in this movie …
So yes, Matrix Resurrections struggles to convince especially for its second part that it tries to repair the first. For any scenario, this shows that there is no real progression or finality. And we find a little ass between two chairs in front of this suite that looks pale. It’s entertaining and that’s not enough to create the event, but not all expected movies are on a mission to do so! We can still find such a visible production.

Yes, it is less interesting to say that.

Yes, that is not binary.

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