MAX78000 AI Design Contest: The Winners

Maxim Integrated and Elektor are pleased to announce the winners of the MAX78000 AI Design Competition! Engineers around the world implemented the ultra-low power MAX78000 microcontroller from Maxim Integrated in a project and submitted it to the Elektor Labs platform.

Maxim Integrated and Elektor are pleased to announce the winners of the MAX78000 AI Design Competition! Engineers around the world have integrated Maxim Integrated’s ultra-low power MAX78000 microcontroller into a project and shared it through the Elektor Labs platform. In total, nearly 40 innovative projects were submitted. An overview of all participating projects is available here.

MAX78000 AI Design Contest Winners

A team of MAX78000 experts from Maxim reviewed the projects and created a shortlist which was then handed over to the chairman of the jury, Professor Terence O’Donnell of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at University College Dublin (Ireland). He was in charge of making a final decision. Congratulations to the winners! And a very special thank you to everyone who participated.

First Prize (€ 2,000): Anomaly detection system for IoT based on MAX78000

Posted by Cathal Kelly, Dominic Lightbody and Duc Minh Ngo (Cork, Ireland)

Professor Terence O’Donnell: “This innovative project implements several solutions to the very current topic of IOT cybersecurity. The approaches are based on the detection of anomalies at the network level and the detection of anomalies in the consumption signature. The project demonstrates a high degree of technical complexity with a very comprehensive set of results. “

Click here to see the winning project

Second Prize (€ 1,000): CNN Based Bolt Failure Detection Intelligent Vehicle for Rail System

Posted by Zhu Qingyang (Beijing, China)

Professor O’Donnell: “An innovative project demonstrating the use of the MAX78000 for the detection of bolt failure in high-speed trains by image recognition. An impressive implementation of the MAX78000 combined with a mock-up vehicle controlled by a microprocessor to collect the images. “

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Third Prize (€ 500): Long-range smart camera without battery for face detection

Posted by Marco Giordano (Zürich, Switzerland)

Professor O’Donnell: “This interesting project demonstrates the use of the MAX78000 for remote face detection, which combines the MAX78000 card with a LoRa wireless transmitter and power management system to achieve battery-free operation. The emphasis on low power consumption and battery-free operation is an interesting feature. “

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