McLaren Artura Trophy Presentation

McLaren has unveiled its latest McLaren Artura Trophy race car and the car is meant to be used on the track.

The McLaren Artura Trophy will be used in the new McLaren Trophy Championship The McLaren Trophy Championship is based on the Atura GT4 but has more power and downforce.

At the heart of the McLaren Trophy is the allnew Artura Trophy racing car. It is based on the Artura GT4 but is free from Balance of Power (BoP) rules. This takes advantage of increased levels of power and downforce to increase engagement and reduce lap times to near GT3 levels.

McLaren Arthur Trophy

The Artura Trophy also shares many similarities with the highly acclaimed McLaren Artura road car, including the McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) that makes it incredibly tough and safe. Paired with an allnew 120degree twinturbocharged V6 engine exempt from BoP regulations to its full 585 hp. in the Artura Trophy, he is sensationally fast on the straight. With all the weight of the BoP removed and an improved aero package that includes a high downforce wing, it is extremely agile at both low and high speeds. The upgraded exhaust system means it will sound as good as it looks.

Unlike a road car, the Artura Trophy will only be powered by an internal combustion engine so that owners can also easily convert their cars to GT4 specification by tweaking the engine management software and changing the aero package. This means they will also be able to race GT4 without having to buy a new race car.

You can find out more information about the new McLaren Artura Trophy on the McLaren website at the link below.


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