Medadom, GrAI Matter Labs, Affluences … French Tech fundraising this week

Medadom raised 40 M €

Medadom is deploying connected medical terminals in pharmacies.

GrAI Matter Labs raised € 13 million

GrAI Matter Labs is developing a specialized chip for AI and intended for edge computing.

Affluences raised € 4 million

Affluences is developing a solution for managing visitor flows in public places.

Dans Ma Culotte has raised € 3.5 million

Dans Ma Culotte offers a range of menstrual hygiene products.

  • Sector: Beauty, Health

  • Investors: Impact Partners, Wind Capital

Bigblue has raised € 3 million

Bigblue offers an e-commerce logistics platform.

  • Sector: Distribution, Logistics

  • Investor: Samaipata

Castor has raised € 2.5 million

Castor offers a data documentation solution.

  • Sector: Business applications and technologies

  • Investors: NC

Numa Health has raised € 1.3 million

Numa Health develops digital health solutions.

  • Sector: Beauty, Health

  • Investors: business angels

Linkednutri raised € 500,000

Linkednutri offers food supplements in liquid form.

  • Sector: Catering & Agri-food

  • Investors: Angels Santé, Business Angels des Grandes Ecoles

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