Mediakwest – Quantic Dream, the first French video game studio equipped with Dolby Atmos

After the production of Detroit: Become Human, the most recent of the studio’s iconic games, and following the arrival of a new generation of home consoles, Quantic Dream wanted to develop its infrastructures in order to offer players ever richer, more immersive and innovative game.

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France is one of the largest markets in Europe for video games, with new consoles and ever more realistic and immersive games. To stay at the forefront of this French innovation, the independent developer and publisher of French video games Quantic Dream contacted Dolby. The two players were thus able to forge a close relationship to integrate innovative Dolby technology into the new installation of the studio’s sound studio. Thanks to this collaboration, Quantic Dream becomes the first French video game studio equipped with Dolby Atmos…

With this in mind, Quantic Dream has completely reinvented its recording and mixing studio, to comply with the requirements of a Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 system. Adding Dolby Atmos technology to the studio will allow for high-end, bespoke experiences, while fully integrating with popular market software such as Wwise and FMod. These new installations provide great flexibility, and open the possibility of recording multiple sounds, from sound effects to voice-over, or even fully mixing any type of audio project in Dolby Atmos.

Dolby Atmos places sounds all around players with three-dimensional precision, so they can respond faster and more accurately. The players are immersed in a more intense experience. The clarity of the information transmitted opens up a new field of possibilities for users, both in terms of feeling and analysis. Whether playing through headphones, on a compatible TV, sound bar or home theater system, the addition of Dolby Atmos to the gaming experience provides a unique audio immersion for gamers.

We decided to aim for the most innovative and recent format on the market, so Dolby Atmos seemed to us the best choice for years to come.”, Declares Aurélien Baguerre, Audio Lead of Quantic Dream. “Dolby Atmos adds a new dimension to sound and transports the listener to the heart of the action, providing the optimal listening experience for the player.”

Javier Foncillias VP Commercial Partnership Europe at Dolby, adds: “Dolby has a solid track record of immersive entertainment, be it in movies, television, or music. As the video game industry continues to grow, gamers demand more immersion. They want premium and extraordinary experiences. This is where Dolby Atmos comes in.. ”

This initiative highlights the growing importance of Dolby technologies, both for consumers and for game manufacturers and publishers.

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