Mediarithmics raises €7 million for its online marketing solutions

Mediarithmics, advertising and marketing specialist, raises 7 million euros. The fundraiser, announced on January 3, 2023, features two new investors, Spring Invest and Bleu Capital, who are participating in this funding round along with their historical investors Jaïna, Ventech, Adélie Capital and Seventure, as well as its president, Gilles Chetela. Since its inception, the startup has raised a total of 20 million euros.

real time control

Mediarithmics, founded in 2013, is engaged in audience monetization. He is developing a SaaS solution that does not use cookies. Customer Data Platform (CDP) collects, analyzes and manages customer data in real time. Mediarithmics ensures that its solution allows you to work with all types of identifiers and collect data from different sources (purchases, website interactions, social media interactions). You can then segment your audience and monetize it with different use cases, enhance engagement, or personalize the customer journey. With this solution, you can broadcast ads, send push notifications, or send emails.

“Mediarithmics relies on the continued evolution of retail media and the ever-strengthening of the privacy regulatory framework, pushing large groups to arm themselves with data solutions like ours,” says Gilles Chetela in the post. The startup is pursuing a plethora of customers among major media outlets, retailers and data-driven brands such as telecom operators. She names such names as TF1, Canal + Havas Media, Fnac-Darty, Orange.

Criteo tries to convince

Mediarithmics has about fifty employees and five offices. He does not detail his future ambitions, but will likely continue his research and development to strengthen his decision and continue to seek out new customers to establish himself as a marketing leader in a world without third-party cookies that will favor “first data”. how does mediarhythmics do it.

Criteo, the French flagship in ad retargeting whose solutions are based on third-party cookies, seems to be struggling to convince investors and financial markets of its ability to offer equally effective solutions that do not rely on third-party cookies. In the advertising sector, which is largely dominated by giants such as Google, Meta and Amazon, new players may emerge and become increasingly important.

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