MediaTek, new global leader in chips for smartphones

More than 100 million smartphones equipped with MediaTek chips were sold worldwide in the third quarter of 2020, Counterpoint assures us. Enough to gain 31% market share in this segment.

The reasons for this growth? “MediaTek’s strong market share gain in Q3 2020 is due to three reasons: a strong performance in the mid-range smartphone price segment ($ 100 to $ 250) and in emerging markets, the US ban on Huawei and finally (a stake) in major OEMs such as Samsung, Xiaomi and Honor “explains Dale Gai of Counterpoint.

Xiaomi’s share of MediaTek chips has more than tripled since the same period last year. Affordable MediaTek chips made by TSMC have become the first option for many OEMs to quickly fill the void left by Huawei’s absence. “he adds.

MediaTek takes full advantage of the struggle between the United States and China

Created in 1997, MediaTek is a Taiwanese company, which therefore takes full advantage of the fight between the United States and China, in the segment of semiconductors, integrated systems (SoC), chips and micro-processors. for smartphones and tablets.

In the mid-range segment too, MediaTek is on the tip of its nose. “We believe that these two companies (Mediatek and Qualcomm) will continue to compete intensively with aggressive pricing and generalize 5G SoC products until 2021” explains Mr. Gai.

On the high-end side, Qualcomm dominates, thanks to HiSilicon’s supply problems. The company was the biggest seller of 5G chips in the third quarter of 2020. Qualcomm equipped 39% of 5G phones sold worldwide during this period.

17% of smartphones sold in the third quarter of 2020 were smartphones equipped with 5G functionality

A straw ? No. Because the demand for 5G smartphones doubled in the third quarter of 2020. 17% of all smartphones sold in the third quarter of 2020 were smartphones equipped with 5G functionality, Counterpoint assures us.

“This impressive growth path will continue, especially as Apple has launched its 5G range,” said the analyst, who mentions that a third of all smartphones sold in the fourth quarter of 2020 should be 5G compatible.

“The immediate goal of chip vendors will be to make 5G accessible to the greatest number, which in turn unlocks the potential of consumer 5G use cases, such as online gaming. will lead to increased demand for more powerful GPUs and better processors. Qualcomm and MediaTek will continue to compete for the top spot, “said analyst Malhotra.

MediaTek also ramps up on 5G chips

Proof of this is that MediaTek is not inactive in the 5G segment. Intel, which sold its 5G activity to Apple in the summer of 2019, chose MediaTek last January to provide it with the connectivity that will accompany its processors in laptops. Dell and HP will be among the first manufacturers to offer Intel / Mediatek configurations in early 2021.

MediaTek specializes in ARM architecture, which the company complements with its own technologies in terms of multimedia, wireless communication (modems in particular), power supply and location (GPS).

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