Medieval Dynasty Update Patch Notes – Wildly useful tips for choosing electronics

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Medieval Dynasty has received update and here is the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. It is a Realistic Medieval Life Simulator, Open World Survival and City Building game developed by Render Cube and published by Toplitz Productions. It was released in 2020 and received positive feedback from gamers. Moreover, it provides the best gaming experience with regular updates. So, the latest version contains many fixes and changes. Here’s everything new with the Medieval Dynasty update.

Medieval Dynasty Update Patch Notes

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Xbox Series X/S (version

Special for Xbox Series X/S

  • Performance mode settings (under Graphics settings).
  • Separate settings for PC Gamepass and XSX Gamepass (should fix launch issues).
  • Fixed: Restoring control settings to default causes sprint and crouch to be set to hold instead of flip.
  • Fixed: FPS drop when walking with a torch (XSS).

Medieval Dynasty Update – PlayStation 5 (version

Special for PlayStation 5

  • Performance mode settings (under Graphics settings).
  • Fixed: Restoring control settings to default causes sprint and crouch to be set to hold instead of flip.
  • Fixed: Poor audio quality caused by compression.
  • Fixed: halo effect when viewed.
  • Fixed: Crash when trying to exit the game from the death screen.

PC + console


  • Ability to flip the front of the fences when placed.
  • Ability to continue placing fences and roads from their last anchor point.
  • Possibility of placing roads under already built gates.
  • The player can be knocked down after touching something in the air.

Medieval Dynasty Update – Fixed

  • Gamepad interaction made it difficult to exit workshops when using the exit option in the radial menu.
  • In the Control 2 preset alternative, the player jumped when selecting options in the radial menu.
  • Blood is too bright in detective mode.
  • Furniture and gate rotation is too slow.
  • The cursor in dialogs hid long texts.
  • Looped combat music.
  • If the path to an animal is too long, the player will now teleport to the animal instead of walking.
  • The “Waiting” interaction “works” for the trough even if the player doesn’t have the required item.
  • When the player is in the middle of the selection animation and clicks on a chair, they will instantly sit on it instead.
  • When the player interacts with the bed, the player’s sleeping wife “jumps”.
  • The speed at which you look around when using gamepads is related to FPS.
  • NPCs fall into bed.
  • In the list of names of the heir, Przebor appears twice.
  • The quest “Night Hunt” sometimes does not give a reward.
  • The cave effect was removed after the player slipped into the cave.
  • The player cannot shoot after slipping in the water without leaving the water.
  • Player still punches after sitting down while holding LMB.
  • Projectiles do not bounce off stone and iron.
  • Milking goats restores the durability of the bucket.
  • Wrong center of mass for fallen trees without leaves.
  • In the Ask People control, when you click to change an item from available to unavailable, the mouse is blocked by a checkbox.
  • Opening containers while holding the confirm button on the gamepad will result in the transfer of the first item.
  • When talking to NPCs, holding down the confirm button on the gamepad will select the first dialogue option.
  • After the quest, the herald is no longer visible on the map.
  • Villages are not marked as “visited” to reach on horseback.
  • Conservation of momentum when the character stumbles and falls.
  • Conservation of momentum when falling from a horse.
  • Characters fall through the ground making rag dolls.
  • The unlock feature does not reset the speed of the ragdoll.
  • NPCs shake their heads when trying to turn 180 degrees.
  • Ragdoll animal meshes only update when they are close to the player.
  • The character mesh when updating the ragdoll only when it is next to the player.
  • Sometimes the selection animation could be canceled by an interaction.

Medieval Dynasty Update – Update

  • NPC Clothing System – NPCs should now have more variety when starting a new game.
  • Visual improvement of ghosts of built objects.
  • The player exits the ragdoll state.
  • NPCs begin their duties with a slight time difference.
  • Animals change their daily behavior with some lag in time.
  • The effect of alcohol on the likelihood of trips and falls.
  • Physics of the tail of a horse and a donkey.
  • Korean.
  • French.
  • German.
  • Polish language.
  • Italian language.

Medieval Dynasty and Update are now available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Visit Game Message Reddit for more information on the latest releases.

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