Meet Madame Tang Yu, the first AI to be appointed CEO of a $10 billion company.

What will our business look like in the near future? The Chinese company is already giving us a glimpse of this by choosing an AI-equipped humanoid robot as its new boss.

NetDragon Websoft is a Chinese online gaming and metaverse company. Its cost exceeds 10 billion dollars. On August 26, the company appointed “Madam Tang Yu” as its new CEO.

Multiple Tasks

According to the company’s press release, this artificial intelligence will interfere with the organization of the company in order to increase its efficiency: daily decision making, risk management, adaptation of working methods, etc.

But that’s not all: Ms. Tang Yu will also carry out Human Resources tasks to provide a better, healthier, and fairer work environment for all employees.

“The Future of Business”

“We believe that AI is the future of business management,” commented Dr. Dejian Liu, founder of NetDragon Websoft. “The appointment of Ms. Tang Yu reflects our commitment to the full use of AI to change the way we do business and ultimately drive our strategic growth. »

“We will continue to develop our algorithms at the heart of Tang Yu to create an open, interactive and highly transparent governance model,” he continues. “At the same time, we are gradually transforming into a metaverse-based work community to attract talent from all over the world. So, would you like to work from the metaverse at the behest of a robot?


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