Melun. Huge seine in the middle of a dope

After setting up a point of sale in the Montaigu area of ​​Melun, police arrested seven suspects. Ecstasy and herbal cannabis were seized. (©Illustration)

After a long investigation, police officers from the Melun-Val-de-Seine metropolitan area have just cracked down on drug trafficking. It all started in November 2021, when several sources reported the installation of a retail outlet in the Montague district of Melun (Seine-et-Marne), on rue Frere-Lumière and its surrounding streets.

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The Narcotics and Underground Economy Unit then set up spinning mills and physical surveillance day and night. They made it possible to note numerous violations and identify supply chains. Several suspected dealers have been identified.

Arrests and confiscations

When the delivery had just been made, the police decided to strike with the consent of the prosecution.

On Tuesday, May 17, early in the morning, a wave of house arrests took place in Melun, Rubel, Seson and Fontainebleau. About forty street workers and about thirty investigators were involved in the operation.

The searches yielded nearly 1,000 ecstasy tablets, 1.5 kg of herbal cannabis and 6,000 euros in cash. Luxurious items were also seized, including Rolex watches.

Prolonged detention

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Seven suspects in their 30s were detained by police for 72 hours. Some are unfavorably known for such facts. In the end, two respondents were released, but a criminal case was initiated against them for unfounded resources.

The remaining five appeared before the court for an immediate appearance in the criminal court, scheduled for Friday, May 20. But the claim was rejected. One defendant was taken into custody while awaiting trial. The rest are under judicial control.

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