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This month, SK hynix announced the development of its first DDR5 DRAM CXL (Compute Express Link) by providing samples. The first CXL memory device developed by SK hynix is ​​a 96 GB product consisting of 24 GB DDR5 DRAM memory modules based on 1 anna. The samples are shaped as EDSFF (Standard Enterprise and Data Center Form Factor) E3.S and support PCIe 5.0 x8 Lane, use DDR5 standard DRAM and are equipped with CXL controllers, explains SK hynix.

“An important advantage of the CXL memory market is expandability. CXL memory provides flexible memory expansion compared to the current server market where memory and performance are fixed once the server platform is adopted. CXL also has high growth potential as it is an interface focused on high performance computing systems such as AI and big data applications. The company expects high customer satisfaction with this product through flexible bandwidth configuration and costeffective capacity expansion. “


“I see CXL as a new opportunity to expand memory and create a new market,” said Wuxong Kang, head of DRAM product planning, explaining SK hynix’s CXL memory deployment strategy. “We aim to massproduce CXL memory products by 2023, and will continue to develop advanced DRAM technologies and advanced packaging technologies to launch various CXLbased expandable bandwidth/capacity memory products.”

“AMD is thrilled with the performance capabilities of workloads through memory expansion using CXL technology. We look forward to working with SK hynix on the development and validation of CXL as the industry transitions to a more dynamic and flexible memory infrastructure,” said Raghu Nambiar, Corporate Vice President of Ecosystems and Data Center Solutions at AMD.

Source: SK Hynix

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