Meng Wanzhou: adjournment of proceedings requested on Monday

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Lawyers for the Huawei leader will apply to court on Monday. (Photo: The Canadian Press)

The British Columbia Supreme Court said on Friday that lawyers for Meng Wanzhou will request an adjournment of the last three weeks of his extradition case on Monday, a step that was scheduled to begin on April 26.

The court said in a statement that lawyers for the Huawei leader will apply to the court on Monday, without giving more details on the grounds that will be invoked.

These hearings must consider part of the allegations of abuse of process pleaded by the defense, before moving on to the hearings on the merits of the case: the request for extradition itself of Ms. Meng to the United States.

The leader of the Chinese telecoms giant was arrested in December 2018 at Vancouver airport, at the request of the United States, where she is accused of fraud. Ms. Meng and the Huawei company deny the charges.

The Americans accuse Meng of lying to HSBC Bank about Huawei’s control of another company that operated in Iran. The bank could then have been accused of violating US sanctions against Tehran.

A Hong Kong court last Monday approved a document-sharing deal that Huawei said would allow it to obtain information from HSBC Bank that would prevent Ms. Meng’s extradition to the United States.

A Huawei spokesperson did not say whether the request to adjourn scheduled hearings was related to the decision by a court in Hong Kong. He only indicated that the reasons for the adjournment request would be disclosed to the court in British Columbia.


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