Mercedes and Bosch introduce self-driving parking service in Stuttgart

Driving to the airport in a private car without wasting time parking it is a luxury that can be offered gradually. The first autonomous parking service is offered at Stuttgart Airport. Mercedes and Bosch announced on November 30, 2022 that they have received the necessary approvals to commercially deploy their “automated parking” – a parking solution that allows a vehicle to park autonomously in an available parking space. All without an operator on board.

Available via app

“The vehicle and the infrastructure take over the driving and maneuvering of the vehicle,” explains the manufacturer. Bosch equipped the car park with sensors to monitor the lane in which the vehicle is traveling and its surroundings. The necessary information is provided to the vehicle to drive it. The technology built into the vehicle converts the information received into driving maneuvers. When an obstacle is detected, the vehicle brakes and stops before pulling away as soon as the road is clear.

The system is available through the app: just book a parking space, go to the parking lot and press the button in the app. As soon as you get out of the car, the systems analyze whether it can drive and park autonomously. In this case, a notification is sent to the driver, and the car automatically reaches the designated parking spot. Then, upon request, the car independently returns to the landing site.

For Mercedes EQS and S-Class

In 2019, the partners received the first authorization to operate an autonomous valet service: experiments were carried out in the car park of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. From now on, they have permission to commercialize their solution. The service is initially offered at car park P6 at Stuttgart Airport in Germany and will be rolled out later. The functionality will be offered by the Mercedes S-Class and EQS launched from July 2022, which are equipped with the Intelligent Park Pilot feature.

“In the future, our goal is to equip more and more car parks with the necessary infrastructure technologies – we plan to do several hundred worldwide in the next few years,” says Board Member Markus Hein, Board Member and President of Bosch Mobility Solutions. separation.

“It is with driverless parking that day-to-day automated driving will begin,” he added. Offering a solution that saves the driver from long minutes of roundabouts in search of a parking space actually brings a lot of comfort. It is easier to propose an autonomous driving system in a closed and well-defined place where vehicles move at a limited speed than in a busy urban center. It also allows users to become familiar with this new technology before other features are offered to them.

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