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If you don’t have a very modest household, it may be wise to opt for a wireless mesh network system (or WiFi mesh network) when you want to equip yourself with a router. Operator units tend to be less efficient in terms of bandwidth and more modest opportunities for wireless broadcasting to the most remote devices.

After tested Halo H80X system and its three modules, Mercusys suggested we try the Halo H90X. The latter consists of two or three modules, depending on the offer, and has a slightly higher capacity. The manufacturer claims a speed of 4804 Mbps in the 5 GHz band and 1148 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band, which is more than enough to relay a fiber optic connection.

Both modules have a nice yet very simple cobblestone design. The front panel only shows the brand, and the LED at the bottom left provides information about the status of the module depending on the color or any blinking. The Ethernet cable will be used to connect the operator unit or modem connection.

The ports on the back next to the power outlet are threenumbered: two Gigabit gray and a blue 2.5 Gb port for the fastest network connections. Holes at the top provide ventilation.


The device is partially perforated at the base, again to keep the components cool. Rubber feet and no hole for wall mounting leave no doubt: Halo H90X modules simply lie flat on a piece of furniture or on the floor. But it is better to give preference to the average height for better dispersion.


Like most modern user guides, the one presented simply refers to the application that bears the manufacturer’s name. She walks us through the installation steps and does it quite well. The procedure is easy to perform and does not require any technical knowledge. First of all, this includes disconnecting the modem/box to reconnect at the same time as the first module.

Then you must create your WiFi network with a name and password of your choice. For the second module, there is nothing else but to connect it after setting up the first one. The two will automatically contact each other after starting for one or two minutes.


With the interface of the application, we remain in the same vein with a wellthoughtout design that will not scare off the most nonspecialist and that simply indicates the number of connected devices and speeds. The most connoisseurs can finetune their devices in the settings, and those who wish also have a parental control module.


After this capture, we will take several measurements and compare the results with our operator unit. We will post them online soon in this article. The Halo H90X is not yet available on online sales sites and will cost €269.90 for a twomodule set or €399.90 for a threeunit set.

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