Meta and Facebook: a new social network is being prepared

The parent company of Facebook and Instagram announced on Friday its plans to develop an entirely new platform, the description of which seems to make it a potential future competitor to Twitter.

In information disclosed by Platformer, the group stated, “We are thinking about a decentralized and independent social network that allows real-time written messaging.”

Thus, the new application will be compatible with other social networks of the same type, such as Mastodon, which is considered the largest decentralized social network on the Internet.

It is a network of millions of users that has gained relative popularity since Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter last October. Mastodon operates through decentralized servers with no central control or decision-making authority.

Thus, this project will be the first, as it represents a major breakthrough with a strategy that has been used by the tech giants so far; the latter have always preferred to work in a closed environment and with their own rules of use.

The initiative comes at a very difficult time for the platform Twitter, which is losing momentum with the arrival of Elon Musk, who fired more than half of the staff and adopted many changes. Recall that the latter began a series of changes in social networks shortly after taking office.

So, at the same time as innovating for the sake of profitability, he also decided to cut his costs by laying off several employees. Thus, the platform fired most of its team.

Thus, the major shareholder of Tesla and SpaceX sees itself ready for a range of new solutions aimed at ensuring the return to the platform of controversial personalities who were banned for comments deemed offensive, which has caused concern among most of the platform’s advertisers. The latter have since said they want to distance themselves. In addition to these avatars, the network is very often the victim of technical failures.

According to Meta, the interoperability solution is also different from Twitter’s approach, which is to block the accounts of multiple users who have shared links to other social networks, including Facebook, Instagram or Mastodon.

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