Meta creates artificial intelligence that continues to criticize … Mark Zuckerberg

— Frédéric Legrand — COMEO /

Facebook hasn’t been in the best shape lately, and Mark Zuckerberg’s company has received a lot of criticism from internet users. But Internet users are not the only ones who criticize Facebook; its own artificial intelligence has a lot to say about the platform.

We did not expect such a situation: the beta version of BlenderBot 3 – Facebook’s new chatbot – did not stop criticizing Meta and its founder Mark Zuckerberg. Indeed, when the people testing the chatbot asked the AI ​​about the CEO of Facebook, the AI ​​said that Mark Zuckerberg is “a good businessman, but his business methods are not always ethical.” That’s not all.

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“It’s funny that he has all this money and still wears the same clothes,” the chatbot added. The AI ​​even called the businessman a “bad person” and said he was “too scary and manipulative”. Regarding his opinion on Facebook, the chatbot said he left the platform after learning about the social network’s data privacy scandals. “After removing Facebook, my life has become much better,” the chatbot said. And finally, the bull explained that Zuckerberg’s company is exploiting people for money and that this needs to be stopped!

While the AI ​​hasn’t shied away from scathing Facebook and its CEO, the chatbot has also been revealed to be a supporter of Donald Trump. He was also seen to be entangled in misinformation and anti-Semitic slurs.

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