Meta will develop a new social network to compete with Twitter –

Twitter’s chaotic management whets the appetite of its competitors and Facebook’s parent company Meta in particular.

Twitter in limbo

Mark Zuckerberg’s firm develops an application whose principle is comparable to that of Twitter, In any case, this is what the Reuters press agency points out with reference to a company representative: “We are exploring the possibility of creating an autonomous decentralized social network for exchanging text updates. We believe there is an opportunity for a separate space where creators and public figures can share news about their interests in a timely manner.”

This social network, internally called P92, would take on some of the characteristics of Instagram, focusing in particular on photos and videos. It could be a hybrid between TikTok and Twitter, but we’ll wait for more details before moving on with this.

In any case, the project will be in the experienced hands of Adam Mosseri, an Instagram boss who also worked through Facebook. It remains to be seen if there is still room for such a service… and especially if Elon Musk will allow it.


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