Meta will restore Donald Trump’s Facebook account

Meta has announced that it plans to recover a Facebook account for the formation of US President Donald Trump.

The account was suspended two years ago, he was also banned from Twitter and other platforms, Twitter recently reinstated his account.

Two years ago, we took action under extreme and highly unusual circumstances. We have indefinitely suspended then US President Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts after he praised the people involved in the Capitol violence on January 6, 2021. Then we submitted this decision to the Supervisory Board, an expert body created for independent verification and balance in decisionmaking. The Board supported this decision but criticized the indefinite nature of the suspension and the lack of clear criteria for when and if suspended accounts will be reinstated, directing us to look into the matter to determine a more equitable response.

In response to the Board’s guidance, we have introduced a temporary suspension for two years from the date of the original suspension on January 7, 2021, an unprecedented period for such a suspension. We also clarified the circumstances under which accounts of public figures may be restricted during times of civil unrest and ongoing violence, and introduced a new Crisis Policy Protocol that guides our risk assessment of imminent harm on and off the platform so that we can respond with concrete actions. . product policies and actions. In our response to the Review Board, we also stated that before making any decision on whether to lift Mr. Trump’s removal from office, we will assess whether the risk to public safety has been reduced.

You can learn more about Meta’s plans to recover the account of the former US President at the link below.

Source meta

Image credit: Suvik Banerjee

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