Metal Gear Solid V: players haven’t actually dismantled all of the in-game nukes on PS3

Last summer, a cutscene was unlocked in Metal Gear Solid V on PS3, and it was thought then that it had been triggered following the dismantling of all the nuclear bombs of the game in this version. Konami has just made it known that no, it was not massive action that led to this result.

Small stab at the players of Metal Gear Solid V for whom this announcement will remind them that they should never be entitled to the version initially thought by Hideo Kojima. The beginnings of what the latter would put in place in Death Stranding, the multiplayer mode of Metal Gear Solid V offered its users to act in concert to dismantle the game’s many nuclear bombs.

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In early 2018, a cutscene that was supposed to reward the dismantling of all these bombs seemed to have gone off on PC and Xbox One. However, a number of bombs remained to be deactivated.

One player’s cheating would have unlocked a cutscene for others in MGS V

At the end of last July, we learned that this famous cinematic had appeared for PS3 owners of Metal Gear Solid V. And this time, the question apparently did not arise: all nuclear bombs in this version had been destroyed. Many months later, Kotaku reports, Konami has come to teach us that it was not the combined efforts of many players that led to this result.

On October 13, the official Twitter account of the Metal Gear franchise broke a post where we were told that “The nuclear disarmament event that took place on July 28, 2020 (JST) was not provoked because the disarmament was achieved.”

“After investigation”, Konami continues in a second message, “This event happened due to inappropriate behavior on the part of a certain user. In addition to taking countermeasures, we banned the account that carried out those actions. ”

“We apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused to our players. We will make further announcements if further action is taken. ”

All that remains is to get back to work then. A total of 119 nuclear bombs would be affected.


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