Metal Hellsinger heavy metal firstperson shooter

Heavy metal fans might be interested to know that the new rhythm firstperson shooter Metal Hellsinger is now available to play, offering a unique actionpacked experience that’s available on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and Windows. Check out the launch trailer below for more on Metal: Hellsinger’s storyline and gameplay.

Hunt demons and devils by shooting to the beat to deal the most damage possible. The more you synchronize with the rhythm of the game, the more intense the music will be and the more destruction you will cause. The storyline is narrated by Troy Baker, while the challenge mode lets you see if your skills are good enough to climb to the top of the leaderboard.

“Fight to the rhythm of metal and take revenge on a hellish journey across the eight Adams. Make them afraid of the rhythm. Metal: Hellsinger is a rhythmic FPS filled with demons, cool weapons and heavy metal music.”

Metal Hellsinger heavy metal firstperson shooter

hell metal singer

“Time your shots, dashes, finishing blows and more on the beat to increase your damage and boost your rage multiplier. As the rage builds, the music gets more intense, layer by layer. When it reaches its peak, the vocals start to sound like real metal.”

For more information, visit the official game page on Steam or the official Funcom Metal Hellsinger website using the link below.

Source: Steam: Funcom

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