Metal Max Xeno: Reborn New images and an upcoming stream

If the Metal Max series is not extremely well known in the West, it is nevertheless a license created 29 years ago and already rich in 14 titles. Inspired by Mad Max, she offers us RPGs anchored in a post-apocalyptic universe, a fairly unique concept. Anyway, the latest episode, Metal Max Xeno, is far from being unanimous …

Indeed, with Metal Max Xeno, the developers of Kadokawa Games have suffered the anger of many fans. Considered as too empty or too repetitive by some critics, the software released in 2018 had only moderate success, thus pushing the team to consider a kind of remake. Metal Max Xeno: Reborn will offer a largely revamped version of the experience and we are discovering it today in more detail with the release of the new images below. Among them, the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch covers, as well as their reversible cover. Note also that a presentation stream will be held on Youtube next May 24 at noon (French time).

Metal Max Xeno: Reborn goes on the assault


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