Metroid Dread: Nintendo launches a series of reports detailing the next installment

Game news Metroid Dread: Nintendo launches a series of reports detailing the next installment

Revealed as part of the Nintendo Direct that took place during E3 2021, Metroid Dread continues its communication through, this time, a series of reports. Nintendo today inaugurates this format by returning to the title trailer and adding new details.

To begin this series of articles, Nintendo has decided to focus on the trailer broadcast during its Direct. Many points are mentioned: from the name of the game to the prologue, including the description of Samus’ skills.

The name “Dread” was not chosen at random. Synonymous with “terror” in this episode, it is totally part of the team’s desire to transform the traditional experience of the Metroid saga to embellish it with a horrific component, one might say, which takes the form of ‘a recurring threat.

This new opus continues the lineage that links the episodes of the saga by positioning it as the successor to Metroid Fusion. After his fight against SA-X, and believing to have eradicated the threat of X parasites, the heroine is dispatched to the planet ZDR, where the Xs persist, to understand what has happened to the special unit made up of seven EMMI robots which seems to have vanished.

These are also the robots that we see chasing Samus in the trailer. The EMMI, for Interplanetary Multiform Mobile Explorers, are initially designed for exploration and benefit from highly resistant armor. However, their hostile behavior towards Samus seems to indicate that something is wrong with ZDR.

A threat that the heroine will not be able to fight head-on. Nevertheless, it will be able to count on improved actions which will make its gameplay more nervous and fluid than ever.

Among these is the riposte strike introduced in Metroid: Samus Returns, but the little novelty is the ability to perform this movement while running. Samus therefore adds a stroke to his stroke palette. Shots also benefit from this movement tolerance by allowing Samus to adjust his shot while moving.

Mobility is therefore the key word of this episode since the heroine will have the opportunity to slide and can, at the same time, hang on to the blue walls with its arachno-magnet and shoot and retaliate while moving.

The whole report can be found on Nintendo website. The next one will focus on EMMI and how they will revolutionize the approach to Metroid games. As a reminder, Metroid Dread is scheduled for Nintendo Switch for October 8.

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