Metroid Prime Remastered is finally on sale, we tell you which retailer you can find the game from.

A timeless classic that hit GameCube owners in 2003, Metroid Prime is reimagined in this completely remastered remake for Nintendo Switch. It’s more than just dusting off the original game, it’s a massive overhaul of an iconic game that already boasts several successful sequels. On Fnac, Metroid Prime Remastered is now available in a boxed version for €39.99. And since it’s now running on the Switch, it can be played both on your TV screen and in handheld mode.

Metroid Prime Remastered: An unexpected and action-packed return of the cult game

To help us wait while we wait for any announcements regarding the very cautious Metroid Prime 4, Nintendo is asking us to discover or rediscover an important benchmark from the GameCube toy library in a completely remastered version. It must be said that Metroid Prime Remastered not only improves its graphic design, but also overhauls its controls, offering improved control through several types of custom configurations. A seminal episode in the Metroid Prime saga, in which bounty hunter Samus Aran travels to the dangerous planet Tallon IV in an attempt to destroy an extraterrestrial threat. Endowed with a combination of several abilities that grow in strength over the course of the adventure, the heroine shares with us her first-person experience in a sci-fi universe that is as exciting as it is formidable. This surprise release on Nintendo Switch is the perfect way to engage a new audience and help them understand why Metroid Prime has made such a strong mark on video game history.

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