Metropolis of Lyon. Drug trafficking: The judicial police arrested a wholesaler and his accomplice in Volx-en-Velin.

Lyon Judicial Police investigators caught two large fish on Tuesday at the height of drug trafficking in the Lyon area.

After several months of investigation, agents discovered the nanny’s apartment in the republican district of La Thibaud, in Volx-en-Velene, in which 55 kg of cannabis resin, 600 grams of olives, 620 grams of cocaine, a 9 mm caliber pistol, 30 rounds of ammunition and 71,605 euros were found in cash.

The owner of the premises was detained on Tuesday, August 2. This will be a confidant of another Wode, who was arrested at the same time by the joint venture. The latter is suspected of being “a wholesale dealer, very active in the supply of drugs to various outlets” of the Metropolis of Lyon, our newspaper clarifies in the Judicial Police of Lyon in a press release. The suspect is known to the police.

“Complex Surveillance”

The two men, who are in their thirties, were jailed on Thursday. A judicial investigation has begun.

A preliminary investigation began in May on the basis of information received from the police from Volx-en-Velin. Comprehensive supervision work has begun. Investigators identified “several transactions made by the suspect and his confidant.”

“On July 19, thanks to a resupply,” the SP discovered the nanny’s apartment “occupied by an accomplice to secure its contents.”

The Judicial Police are delighted to have “delivered a new blow to the supply chain of retail outlets in the suburbs of Lyon.” […] thanks to the synergy of the police services involved in the fight against human trafficking.” The investigation was carried out under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office of Lyon.

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