Mezieres-le-Metz. Video games: At 17, he won $10,000 for refugees

“The chair is completely worn out,” comments Margaret, the mother of a young video game player. At the same time, it’s normal that he spends all his time here. Here he is, in his gaming chair, behind his computer and his two screens. His favorite playground with a green football area.

Mateo Costa, nicknamed Astok, a 17-year-old native of Mezierois, won $10,000 on Sunday, May 1st. The amount that will be transferred to the UN refugee agency.

international competition

He earned this money in a duet with his Swiss friend Noah. Together they took 25th place in the Gamers Without Borders international competition for the video game Fortnite. Shooting game, the goal of which is to be the last survivor on the island against 99 other players. During this charity tournament, several million dollars were donated to various organizations.

“When we look at the rankings, we are necessarily a little disappointed that we didn’t do better,” the young player explains this Thursday, May 5th. Moreover, the first five duets participated in the world final in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. But I am proud that I won this money for people who need it. »

Busy young man

A high school student with his passion has a busy schedule in his senior year at Cormonteny High School in Metz. As with the football club Entente Sportive Maizières, of which he is a player, he has to alternate activities. “Next week I have exams for a bachelor’s degree in specialty, mathematics and economics,” says Mateo Costa, who averages 14 points.

Mezieroy himself admits this, he “sleeps a little.” But “regulates” to not play at all times and lead a “healthy lifestyle like a great athlete”. To avoid fatigue, he wears blue light blocking goggles. “I have to put them on, I spend so much time at the computer. »

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The future is ahead of him

For his future, he does not close any doors. “I prioritize education. But becoming a professional video game player is the dream of many people. In February, he joined Helios Gaming esports team from Amneville. “At the moment I am not getting paid. But since I started playing, I have won 500 euros in different Fortnite tournaments. »

In any case, he can count on the support of his mother Margaret. “I have always been proud of him. He manages to connect study and play, he must continue to provide. Like all young people his age, he is “tight” by Parcoursup. He is waiting for his file to join the IUT in Metz in the DUT marketing methods for verification.

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