Michèle Benzeno: The view on video games has changed

Managing Director of Webedia, Michèle Benzeno explains why she wanted to get involved in the second Culture Gaming edition in partnership with CB News, which will take place on April 13 live from the Arena Webedia

CB News: Why a second Culture Gaming with CB News?

Michèle Benzeno: The year 2020 has been, in many ways, an exceptional year for the video game market. The very rich news for the sector – the arrival of new highly anticipated consoles, the release of new games – and the health context have led to an explosion in the practice of gaming. After a very successful first edition of Culture Gaming in 2019, it seemed important to us with CB News to come back and inform about new uses, growth drivers and developments as a whole. Because in addition to the exceptional performances, this year also marked a change of outlook on video games..

CB News: Have the lockdowns changed the public’s perception of video games?

Michèle Benzeno: Faced with confinement and this unprecedented health context, gaming has fully played its role, to have fun and escape, it has become a positive medium. Audiences saw video games as a great way to come together to maintain a social bond with family or friends. Some games have also become a tool, a common medium that players around the world have used to express themselves during times of lockdown. Gaming is now considered a new place of expression for the younger generations and conveys positive values, such as sharing, inclusion, mutual aid, team spirit or even surpassing oneself. Talents are also increasingly putting their notoriety at the service of great causes with solidarity actions (communication around barrier gestures, major operations for the benefit of associations, etc.) Finally, we also note that the video game now goes beyond its borders and joins other universes such as music or sport to find itself at the heart of popular culture, more and more personalities are now embarking on gaming and s ‘inspire.

CB News: What interest do brands have in getting closer to video games?

Michèle Benzeno: Sometimes still a little reluctant to get closer to video games a few years ago, brands are now fully aware that gaming has become more democratic, that it has become the number 1 leisure activity and the number one industry ahead of cinema and music. . They see an interest in reaching new targets – especially the youngest – and new universes and forging partnerships with key players. Video games are now a formidable relay of communication very popular with brands: for example, we observe more and more a gamification of their communication and that they are integrated more and more natively into video games to allow them to touch the all gamers.

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