Micro SD card 128 GB Extreme Pro down 41%

Good plan news Micro SD card 128 GB Extreme Pro down 41%


Amazon offers this very interesting reduction for Nintendo Switch and smartphone owners. The Extreme Pro series has a higher transfer speed and today available with a reduction of 41%.

128GB will be more than enough to store the many games in the Nintendo game library. Unlike other platforms, titles are a bit less storage-hungry, so you can store more. Especially since the Japanese firm has many house titles, but also from independent studios. Small nuggets to discover and that you can store on your console and play there at any time.

Buy Sandisk Extreme Pro 128 GB Micro SD Card for 26 €

Very fast 128 GB Sandisk Micro SD card

Small and powerful, this MicroSD card is a real and very convincing storage solution. The Extreme Pro range has a transfer speed of 90 MB / s, which is higher than the other models of the brand. You will no longer need to choose from the list of available games or run out of space to accommodate an important update at the time of a major update.

This card can be used not only for your Nintendo Switch, but also on your smartphone. You will be able to store many applications with exemplary immediacy. You can use it without fear to save your movies, your series or, on Nintendo Switch, your video games, your screenshots and your videos. A real asset for obtaining even more autonomy.

Amazon offers you this card for only € 26 instead of € 42, i.e. a reduction of 41%. This is an offer you should not miss if you have a Nintendo Switch and want to increase your storage space. With the many titles to come by the end of the year and 2022, increasing your memory is essential.

Buy Sandisk Extreme Pro 128 GB Micro SD Card for 26 €

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