MICROMANIA: FIFA 23 is included with the purchase of Xbox Series S (bundle for only €269.99)!

Video game news is in full swing this time of year… and it will continue for the next few months on the XBOX side!

If you don’t already have a console that can run all modern games, this article may well be of use to you, as it describes “a good plan that we highly recommend to you.”
Indeed, Micromania now offers a bundle that combines both a current-generation console capable of playing all the XBOX hits in the most beautiful way, and playing the “major football game of the year”.

Our “beloved” console Microsoft Xbox Series S this time comes with the standard version of the new game “FIFA 23” from MICROMANIA for 269.99 euros.
Not only do you get the console at a lower price… you also get a new licensed FIFA game for free!
Keep in mind that the offer will be available for a limited period of time. You will have up to October 9, 2022 enjoy.

* Link to Micromania Xbox Series S + FIFA 23 Great Deal for €269.99.

This is a new offer that expands on the offer we told you about last Tuesday on ConsoleFun, allowing you to get Ultimate FIFA 23 Edition €20 More With Xbox Series S.
During times of inflation, this is a very affordable way to enter the XBOX universe and related services. The price / quality ratio is undeniable here … hence the interest in our article!

Let’s use this good plan to look at some of the benefits of the Xbox Series S.
Let’s start with the optimized games we’ve made videos for you in the past. This is our TOP 15 (pending next) which is just a small preview of the full catalog offered by third party publishers and Microsoft for the console. These are the games that have marked us, so here’s a good way to find out about the gems our editors have rated:

The potential of the Xbox Series S should not be taken lightly, as it has become a real starting point for enjoying video games in this generation of games.
Between Sea of ​​Thieves, Forza Horizon 5, Gears 5, Halo Infinite, the new FIFA 23, the next FABLE, Perfect Dark or even Redfall, there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy it for hours on end!

In addition, this reduced format console (much smaller and larger than the living room consoles sold on the market) offers interesting features such as:
– Allow you to access HDR technology,
– Play at 1440p screen resolution with 4K upscaling,
– Enjoy frame rates up to 120fps in your games,
– Activate ray tracing (allows good control over lighting, shadows and realistic reflections),
– Access to the world of “Dolby Vision” (with appropriate equipment),
– Access to a complete media store such as the famous apps Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, MyCanal, Discord, Spotify…
– Also benefit from compatibility with the entire XBOX toy library featured in the Microsoft Store,
– Also get access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate… which gives you access to over 100 of the latest games,
– Or even enjoy “Dolby Atmos” sound (and thus enjoy great sound if your hardware allows it).
In short, you get the idea, we are clearly thrilled with this Xbox console (trust our readers => ConsoleFun webmaster put this single console in his bedroom).

If you need more information, below you will find the full presentation of the console by the XBOX team, see below:

Feel free to also learn about one of the main Microsoft services available on Xbox Series S: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This video game showcase is an item that will give you access to several hundred of the latest games in exchange for a subscription.

A rather detailed official video will give you an overview of the treasures found there:

Finally, know that if you need the flexibility to fund your XBOX Series S Bundle and Xbox Game Pass…Micromania stores and offer you an Xbox All Access offer.
Payments will be spread over time… at no additional cost (hence 0% credit).

*Useful link to the Xbox All Access offer

In short, you now have all the elements at your disposal to enter the XBOX universe!

*Recall again the good basic outline of this article: Xbox Series S + FIFA 23 for €269.99 at Micromania, click here to redeem


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