MicroPython Officially Joins the Arduino Ecosystem

Arduino developers, hobbyists, and enthusiasts will be interested to know that MicroPython has officially become part of the Arduino ecosystem. The Arduino team has also created a new Arduino Lab for MicroPython, offering encoders and creating a simple, crossplatform MicroPython IDE that supports any REPL serial board, so it can also work with nonArduino boards.

“Arduino Lab for MicroPython is a lightweight editor for MicroPython programs that supports board connection, code upload, file transfer, REPL interactive shell.”

Arduino Lab for MicroPython

“Building on this initial experience, we were fortunate to partner with MicroPython creator Damien George to officially port the virtual machine to a range of Arduino products. You can find our code here. We are sure you will like it! Thanks to one of our developers (Ubi de Feo), we were able to test MicroPython in a class of students and learned a lot from the experience. In particular, we have noticed that it is difficult to find a very simple crossplatform MicroPython development environment that is as easy to use as the original Arduino development environment.”

“Fortunately, we stumbled upon the work of Murilo Polese, who developed a simple tool that we were able to adapt and use for training. The results were so good that we decided to partner with him to create a tool that we can share with the community. Arduino Lab for MicroPython is not an official product yet, it is an experimental tool, but we wanted people to experiment with it, so we created a new website “Arduino Labs” where we will post experimental tools for people to try and provide. . Feedback. They are not guaranteed to become fully released products. In the meantime, enjoy them and give them a try!”

To download a copy of the new Arduino Lab, visit the official Arduino website by clicking the link below.

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