Microsoft accuses Sony of releasing its PlayStation excluded on PC too late and too expensive

During a conference organized before E3, Phil Spencer criticized Sony’s strategy on the PC. Without openly citing the Japanese firm, the boss of Microsoft’s Xbox branch does not understand the value of selling old PlayStation games on PC. At a high price, what is more. He compares this with his own strategy: exclusions that are released simultaneously on PC, Xbox and xCloud.

Horizon Zero Dawn released on PC three years after its release on PS4

Horizon Zero Dawn is the first PlayStation exclusive game to be ported to PC. Sony has indeed started to port some of its original games to Windows. The goal is twofold. First, to conquer a population of players on a platform that the company did not previously reach. Then promote Playstation: by offering PC players the opportunity to “taste” the PlayStation universe, Sony hopes to get them to buy a console and, by extension, other exclusives.

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Since Horizon Zero Dawn, only one other PlayStation exclusive has been brought to PC: Days Gone. The game arrived on May 18th. Is around two years after its launch on PlayStation 4. It was even longer for Horizon, launched on PC in the summer of 2020. The open world RPG was released on the old Sony console. in March 2017. Sony does not carry its novelties on PC. Quite the contrary. A choice which is diametrically opposed to that of Microsoft.

PlayStation exclusions arrive too late on PC and are too expensive

During a conference call organized by Microsoft ahead of E3, Phil Spencer, boss of the Xbox branch of the American firm, did not miss this opportunity to point out that his strategy is very different. He explains that his exclusive games are released on PC, Xbox and xCloud at the same time. And he recalls that they also arrive in the Xbox Game Pass ” day one “.

Conversely, he criticizes Sony, without citing the firm. The competition prefers to publish old exclusives on PC years after their launch. And players have to pay a high price for it. Phil Spencer also points the finger at the cloud gaming strategy of Sony: the excluded from the PlayStation 5 are not available immediately on the PlayStation Now, while the players pay a monthly subscription.

Phil Spencer seems to have the right role here. But let’s not forget that Xbox exclusives haven’t always been “day one” compatible with Windows. Let us not forget either that the history of Microsoft is linked to the PC thanks to Windows. Microsoft therefore has every interest in taking care of this community. This is not the case with Sony.


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