Microsoft acquires Nuance for $ 19.7 billion

We were waiting for the announcement on Monday of what constitutes the second most expensive takeover of the Redmond firm after the 26.2 billion disbursed for Skype. Video games, social networks, artificial intelligence, Microsoft is still expanding the areas of its potential redemptions. The acquisition of Nuance has just been confirmed. It costs him $ 19.7 billion.

This transaction represents the second most expensive buyout among the more than 210 companies acquired by Microsoft since its IPO. Video games, social networks, Microsoft also wants to strengthen itself on artificial intelligence technologies.

Microsoft has therefore just concluded the acquisition of Nuance Communications Inc., a recognized specialist in voice recognition, for $ 19.7 billion. This amount values ​​the Nuance share at $ 56.

Nuance has notably developed the technology used by Apple’s voice assistant Siri and has worked with Microsoft since 2019 in the medical field by allowing doctors to communicate with their patient or to enter their data in a digital collection.

Still interested in Pinterest

Nuance is the latest company to pique the interest of Microsoft foodie. Driven by record financial results in 2020, Microsoft is increasing its investments in artificial intelligence, a sector in which it has been seeking to improve for a decade.

After the acquisition of ZeniMax last year for 7.5 billion dollars – a buyout that came to strengthen its Xbox division – Microsoft has turned to video games and social networks, as evidenced by its ambitions to acquire a company. like Discord and TikTok, or even Pinterest. In the case of Pinterest, a buyout at 50 billion is envisaged.

Nuance’s voice recognition and artificial intelligence solutions are used in particular in the healthcare sector.

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