Microsoft admits PlayStation exclusives are much better than Xbox

In this incredible battle between Sony and Microsoft over the takeover of Activision-Blizzard and the loss of the Call of Duty franchise from the PlayStation platforms, each side is using strategies and statements to tip the scales in their favor. To convince various regulators, Microsoft has released a very long document for the CMA (Structure Office of Competition and Markets) to explain that his Japanese competitor clearly has an edge when it comes to exclusivity. Microsoft explains that Sony has been the market leader for two decades and that it has the biggest and best quality exclusives on the market. If the American giant is praising the PlayStation, it’s not only to shine its rival’s shoes, but also to remind you that the loss of a license like Call of Duty won’t have such a significant impact, Sony wants you to believe.

Sony has more exclusives than Microsoft and most of them are higher quality. Not only are Sony exclusive games more successful than Microsoft titles, they also get higher marks from industry experts: the average Metacritic score for the top 20 Sony exclusive games of 2021 was 87/100 versus 80/100 for Xbox.

Placing itself as a mere contender, Microsoft clearly hopes to enlist the favor of market authorities and recall that with the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard, Xbox will be able to play on equal terms with Sony Interactive Entertainment. . A technique that Microsoft has already used to reveal sales figures for its Xbox that have been kept secret until now, while demonstrating that Sony has a big advantage here too. Microsoft estimates that with such firepower, Sony will not be able to lose its leadership status in a situation that will prevent it from being competitive.

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