Microsoft admits Sony’s PlayStation 4 sells for twice as much as Xbox One

Without reporting its sales since 2016, the computer giant indicated in a white paper that rival Sony has outperformed it on the latest generation of game consoles.

For several weeks, antitrust authorities have been investigating the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft. Faced with concerns from video game companies like Sony (the PlayStation maker) or Riot Games, the computer giant is trying to minimize the impact of its takeover.

A study by Brazil’s national competition regulator has resulted in the publication of a document in which Microsoft responds to the concerns raised. The document discovered by GameLuster contains a lot of information. This allows, in particular, to get an idea of ​​the number of game consoles sold by Microsoft, the manufacturer of the Xbox.

No sales data since 2016

The latest generation of consoles was released in November 2013. Microsoft introduces the Xbox One and Sony launches the PlayStation 4. The two consoles showed opposite philosophies, with the PlayStation 4 focused on gaming while the Xbox One introduced gaming features. , Kotaku recalls. Microsoft quickly saw that Sony had the upper hand in the sales game.

This superiority of the Japanese manufacturer even prompted the American giant to stop publishing its sales data in 2016. However, a document from the Brazilian Competition Authority contains detailed information about this data, which is kept secret.

“Sony surpassed Microsoft in console sales and installed base, selling the latest generation Xbox by more than double,” reads the document translated from Portuguese.

With the PlayStation 4 selling 117 million copies, the ratio reported by Microsoft would result in Xbox One sales under 58 million. In reality, according to the latest estimates by industry analysts, this figure will be about 55 million people. And even if analysts’ forecasts were good, Microsoft for the first time in six years released sales data for its consoles.

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