Microsoft announces ARMbased Project Volterra mini PC

This week, Microsoft announced the release of its latest Windows on ARM development kit in the form of an ARMbased Project Volterra mini PC. The presentation was made during this week’s Build 2022 event and was launched to give Windows developers the ability to support a wide range of scenarios while providing flexibility and more.

Microsoft explains that they are “always evolving the platform to support new and emerging hardware platforms and technologies, such as GPUs that render an application’s user interface, WiFi and cellular chipsets that keep devices connected all the time, and processors, including MIPS, x86, Alpha, Itanium and x64.”

ARMbased Project Volterra mini PC

“Windows is where people come to create, learn and connect. One of the most inspiring aspects of Windows is how the developer community interacts with the platform, benefiting more than a billion people around the planet. Windows is the platform for worldwide innovation, and developers are central to unlocking the next wave of opportunities that people will need today and into the future. This is what drives us as a team to innovate and provide developers with the tools to dream big and bring their ideas to life.”

ARMbased Microsoft Project Volterra Mini PC

“The convergence of Azure and Windows will allow you to implement new application classes for your commercial and consumer customers. This journey starts with Windows 365, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Azure Virtual Desktop and continues with cloud computing and NPUs on other Windows devices. We will also continue to move towards that future by leveraging our open platform, open store, and open hardware ecosystem to empower you to develop your skills, talent, and passion.”

“For building Windows desktop apps, the Windows App SDK and the WinUI 3 platform make it easy to build rich native Windows 11 apps using C# or C++ while still being available to Windows 10 users. The latest Windows App SDK 1.1 update is in preview and will be released soon with new features such as Fluent visuals in WinUI 3, updated desktop window APIs, improvements for push notifications, new environment variable APIs for C++, and various performance improvements.”

Source: Microsoft

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