Microsoft CEO ‘very, very confident’ Activision purchase will go ahead

Microsoft’s upcoming acquisition of Activision Blizzard is the biggest deal of its kind the gaming industry has ever seen, so it’s no surprise that the completion process is proving to be a bit convoluted. The authorities are considering the potential purchase much more carefully, and competitors (read: PlayStation) are worried about the prospect of losing big brands like Call of Duty to Xbox.

Microsoft, however, remains confident that, despite the obstacles, the deal will eventually go through. Speaking to Bloomberg recently, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said the aforementioned review was expected and the company remains confident the acquisition will be approved by the authorities.

“Of course, any acquisition of this magnitude will be scrutinized, but we are very, very confident that we will emerge victorious,” he said.

“If it’s competition, then let there be competition,” he added, referring to Sony’s leadership position in the gaming industry and the fact that PlayStation itself has made a number of acquisitions over the past two years.

Recently, Xbox head Phil Spencer revealed that Microsoft had signed an agreement with Sony, promising to continue releasing Call of Duty games for the PlayStation for several years after Sony entered into an existing agreement with Activision. Shortly thereafter, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan released a retaliatory statement saying the commitment, which he said would go beyond the existing deal by three years, was deemed “inadequate” by Sony.

Microsoft also said that once the deal with Activision Blizzard is completed, it intends to continue investing in other acquisitions.

Earlier this year, Nadella said that Microsoft expects to complete the acquisition by early 2023. It is not yet known if these dates will remain the same.

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