Microsoft confirms it wants to invest ‘several billion dollars’ in OpenAI

Several US media outlets cited a US$10 billion (CA$13.4 billion) figure, which Microsoft did not immediately confirm or deny.

Until now, little known to the general public, OpenAI, created just seven years ago, caused a lot of noise with the launch of its conversational robot ChatGPT in November.

If this is not the first software of its kind, it surprises with the quality of its responses that imitate human speech, whether it is writing a text on a given topic or intelligibly explaining a complex subject, even creating a poem. .

ChatGPT is as surprising as it is troubling, between a valuable tool that saves people from tedious tasks, a threat to many jobs that it could call into question, and a headache for educators who will have to rethink their practice.

independent, together

The agreement, which was announced on Monday, provides that each partner will be able to market yourself products from jointly developed technology based on artificial intelligence.

billions of dollars Microsoft’s investment could benefit not only ChatGPT, but also other software developed by OpenAI, such as DALL-E, its AI-powered image generator.

DALL-E allows you to create images from a text description.

Photo: Open AI

OpenAI also plans to launch a paid version of ChatGPT, which should offer faster responses and the ability to interact with the chatbot more often.

As part of this collaboration, Microsoft will use software already developed by OpenAI. in their products for individuals and businesses.

This means that elements of ChatGPT can be integrated into applications such as the Outlook email service, the Bing search engine, or the Teams video conferencing software.

We are excited to continue our independent research and work to create cutting-edge AI that will benefit everyone.OpenAI chief executive Sam Altman, quoted in the statement, said.

One step ahead

ChatGPT could be a game changer for MicrosoftAnalysts at Wedbush Securities note in a note, adding that this investment will enable them to be ahead of other web giants.

On January 18, Microsoft announced that it would lay off about 10,000 employees by the end of March. Among the reasons given is the changing priorities of his clientele.

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