Microsoft delays expansion of Xbox Discord chat program as it fixes issues


As announced a few days ago, Discord voice chat is coming to Xbox consoles, and beta testing is already underway as part of the Xbox Insiders program. Microsoft has said the feature is coming “soon”, but not as soon as some had hoped, as the implementation of Discord’s voice chat has apparently been delayed.

Cause? For now, all we need to do is a tweet from Xbox Insider Program Manager Brad Rossetti mentioning account linking issues.

The beta and delta preview release notes for the latest version of the Xbox operating system have been posted on Xbox Wire. A voucher is also available for members of the Xbox Insiders program.


No doubt whatever issues there are with the introduction of Discord voice chat on Xbox, the team will eventually get over it, though this delay will no doubt be a disappointment to those who have been looking forward to having Discord chat available. as much as possible. .

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