Microsoft Edge browser catches up with Firefox on computer

While the market share of the Firefox browser has been declining for a year, the Microsoft Edge browser is on the rise, and has even just overtaken that of Mozilla.

Microsoft Edge passes Firefox

Data from Statcounter shows an increase in Microsoft Edge’s market share since May 2020 with a sharp increase for three months, then a few percentages gleaned during the following months.

Neck and neck with Firefox for a few months, Edge passed in front of him during the month of March. Microsoft’s browser has thus increased to 8% market share, just behind Safari’s 10% and Chrome’s 67%. For its part, Firefox has a 7.97% market share, according to Statcounter. Note that according to Netmarketshare, Edge has passed Firefox since March 2020. Anyway, Edge seems to have passed Firefox when we look at the top browsers used on Desktop. On mobile, Chrome and Safari together occupy almost 88% of the market.

Use Microsoft Edge to earn Microsoft Rewards points

Following the shutdown of Internet Explorer, Microsoft had also stopped support for the classic version of Microsoft Edge in early 2020 to invite its users to use the Chromium version, whose logo is a blue and green wave. The Chromium version of Edge is based on the same engine as Chrome and is faster, in addition to being compatible with Google browser extensions.

Edge’s market share is likely to increase in the coming months since the browser is now installed by default on Windows, and it is also part of the Microsoft Rewards program which allows you to earn money by using it. . Edge is also the browser used on Microsoft’s latest consoles, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

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