Microsoft Flight Simulator can be pre-downloaded on Xbox Series X | S

Microsoft announces that its flight simulator Flight Simulator is now available for pre-download on Xbox Series X | S. Important info, because at 97GB, you will have to select the games to remove from the hard drive before enjoying them. But also plan the necessary download time, if you want to benefit from it on D-Day, ie July 27 next. Available in the Game Pass, it is accessible on this page.

Microsoft Flight Simulator promises to be the apotheosis of a series started in 1982. Because with nearly 40 years of technological developments, the result in 2021 will glue more than one to his chair! The French studio Asobo has clearly achieved a feat: to be able to model the entire planet in a video game. And I’m not talking about sketchy modeling, but about well-known cities and places reproduced with great care and incredibly realistic. Already released on PC, Flight Simulator is rightly considered a masterpiece, very soon available on our consoles …

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