Microsoft found a way to limit ransomware

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[EN VIDÉO] Kezako: how is data encrypted on the Internet?
Cryptography is the oldest form of encryption. There are traces of its use before 2000 BC. This method is still used today, especially on the Internet, revealing its secrets on video thanks to the Kézako program from Unisciel and the University of Lille 1.

Enter ransomware remotely on a Windows PC, two main methods are used. Usageidentifiers already compromised, which are available in the vast database free or paid Internetor the so-called brute force attack, which generates Passwords until you find the right sesame. But in almost all cases, the weak link that allows you to use one of these two methods on a remote computer remains RDP access protocol.

To block or rather mitigate the scope of brute force attacks via RDP, Microsoft has just responded and is making available a security update for Windows 11. The idea is to simply completely lock out user accounts for about ten minutes in case of re-access via access to remote officethat is, when attackers use the famous RDP protocol.

David Weston, VP of security at Microsoft, announced the activation of the default lock feature on his Twitter account. © Twitter

Increase attack time to obstruct

The accounts affected by this auto-lock are not only the most sensitive, i.e. administrator accounts, but also restricted user accounts. After ten minutes of blocking, if ten more attempts are made, the account is blocked again for ten minutes. Through this process, brute force attacks are targeted. These temporary account blocking hindrances do nothing to prevent an attack in Brute force, but it comes down to their limitation, because they require much longer to be saved on the account. The update is currently only available to recipients Insider Program. It should also be distributed for Windows 10. If this update adds this lock by default, you should know that in reality it is already possible to activate the feature through the Windows 10 and 11 registry.

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