Microsoft Game Pass: €21.99 per month for a Friends and Family subscription.

Want a Microsoft Game Pass subscription for less than 5 euros per month? If so, the new “Friends and Family” formula that Microsoft is testing could very well be made for you… When it arrives in France.

Microsoft hits hard. After cautiously signing up for Game Pass in early August, the company finally provided more details on the price and terms of use for this new service.

€21.99 for a one month subscription

As the first bits of information on the subject suggested, the price of an Xbox Game Pass subscription would be around €20 since it would cost exactly €21.99. In any case, this is the price displayed for Irish users, who are currently the only ones in Europe with access to the service. Microsoft hasn’t specified if pricing will be different for other countries on the old continent, but aside from some nasty surprises, there’s no reason to think that’s the case, since the basic subscription costs the same in France and Ireland. Note, however, that the service adapts to the purchasing power of each country, as in Colombia – another country where Microsoft is testing its service – a monthly subscription costs 49,900 pesos, or 11.25 euros in gross conversion.

Additional Terms of Use As the name suggests, the subscription will not be limited to family use in the strict sense. You will be able to share your Game Pass with anyone who “lives in the same country”. “If a group member changes their country of residence and is no longer part of the primary account holder’s country, they will be removed from the group,” the company clarifies. In addition, it is an open bar. For €21.99 you can invite up to 4 people to your subscription; enough to enjoy the benefits of Game Pass for less than 4.5 euros per month per person.

Some restrictions

Microsoft has introduced some restrictions though. In particular, it is forbidden to invite more than eight people to your account per year. Therefore, there can be no question of playing musical chairs every month on his subscription. As an invited member, it is not possible to join more than two groups per year, nor is it possible to be part of more than one group at the same time. Otherwise, each member benefits from the Game Pass subscription in the proper form, each with their own account, with their games, with their own rewards and other benefits. Only billing is centralized.

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Unfortunately, no information has been provided on the date of arrival of the service in France. For now, Microsoft continues to test its subscription in Ireland and Colombia with “other countries/regions that may be added in the coming months.” The Game Pass Friends & Family FAQ is already available in French, however there’s a good chance that France won’t snub France for too long.

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